Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Recharge Any number With This Trick


this blog is going to tell an secret trick to recharge your mobile.
The trick is very simple
Just type HO [UNIQUE CODE] and send it to 8826671122
In place of [UNIQUE] type any five digit code of your choice.
If you get invalid code then try another code.
If your code is accepted then you get a recharge of Rs. 20.
Note:much better if try using an free message pack. Well that's what most of us may already have.
Try at your own risk......

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teen bandar

College OITM Hisar, contact them Rohit- 9729449112


1st year


How does Rupee Mail work?

Merchants and advertisers send Rupee Mail to recipients like you seeking your attention. Rupee Mail can only be sent to recipients who have explicitly agreed to receive Rupee Mail by either registering at the Rupee Mail website or permitting a specific sender to send email to them.
Merchants and advertisers send Rupee Mail either to a list of willing recipients selected from the RupeeMail data base or to their own list of customers that have opted to receive email from them. If the recipient opens the the Rupee Mail, then the recipient collects the value of the stamp attached to the Rupee Mail. The sender (advertiser) decides the value of the stamp paid to recipient as a gesture of appreciation for recipient to open the Rupee Mail and hopefully read their message (advertisement, news letter, survey etc.)

Earn Money By Receiving SMS

        Make money from your mobile phone


Yes you are right you can earn money by reading SMS daily. You need not pay for it, just register and leave you will receive messages daily from mGinger and your account will automatically get credited for reading messages.

What is mGinger?

 mGinger is based in Bangalore,India and it is run by Gingersoft Media Pvt. Ltd. mGinger works on advertising basis ,they sent daily discounts of various products via messages to their customers.When the website was developed many started registering in it.Now it has more than 4 Million users in its community.This company is in India and it doesn't support for networks outside India.

Does mGinger really works?

 Yes, mGinger is 100% legit and pays their customers on time.You don't believe me then go to google and search for mGinger reviews it has a very good feedback from its users.

How much can we earn from mGinger ?

 You cant earn much from mGinger .To earn more from mGinger then you have to refer your friends.More the referrals the more will be your income.So refer to as many members as possible to maximise your income.

So if you have 100 referrals then 100*0.10=Rs 10 daily which is sufficient to pay your mobile bill.

Click here to register

How can I earn maximum through mGinger?

Payment for Silver Members:

 As you know, once you register with mGinger with minimal mandatory details you become a silver member where in mGinger pays you 10 paisa for each incoming SMS and 5 paisa for every SMS that your friends (in your network) receive.

Payment for Gold Members:

 Once you complete all profile details and verify your mobile number and email you become a gold member. When you upgrade to GOLD membership you will be paid 20 paisa for every sms that you receive and 10 paisa for every sms your friend receives.

 Additionally, you will also be paid 5 paisa for every sms your friend’s friend receives.

 The New mGinger 3…2…1… Payment Policy:

 mGinger now gives you more than one option to earn money.

 The new payment policy goes as follows:

Verify your mobile @ Rs 3:

 mGinger will now pay you more & more. If you haven’t verified your mobile, verify it right away & mGinger will add Rs 3 back to your earnings within 24 hours. Once your mobile is verified you’ll start receiving messages & get paid for each incoming SMS.

Refer your friends and get Rs 2 on each valid referral:

 More friends, more money! Invite as many friends as you can to your mGinger network and get Rs 2 added to your mGinger earnings on each valid referral. Just to remind you again, you will also keep earning money with each incoming SMS that your friends receive.

Verify your e-mail @ Rs 1:

 Verify your e-mail and get updates, notifications & reminders about your mGinger account. That’s not all; mGinger will also add Rs 1 to your account as soon as your email is verified. Just click on the email verification link and you’re sorted!

 Finally,in simple words your phone can be used to earn you money, instead of just costing you. mGinger (haven’t worked out the name yet), allows you to read ads on your mobile, and make money from them as you read. I have just signed upto the account, and am awaiting my logon code…still waiting, but figured may as well describe the service.

 Registration is straight forward, you need your name, phone number and a few location details. In addition to this, you must select 5 Interests, such as music, gaming etc, this will “fine tune” your ads that you receive. Sooooo, where’s the money, well for every ad that you receive you get 20 paisa, and for every ad that your friend gets you get 10 paisa, and if your friend’s friend’s gets an ad you get 5 paisa. Now it may not sound like much, but it could add up.

 I have a question for the developers though, what if I purchased a few sim cards registered them, and then simply just sat there and watched the ads roll in, never really looked at them, how do you know I have actually read them.

 Some quick maths tells you you need 5 SMS for 1 Rs, hence before you get paid i.e at 300Rs you need 1500 SMS. To me that is very very high, my phone holds around 250 SMS, and if all I got were ads, I think I would lose the plot.

 You can control at what times of the day you get a message, and also what type, but for this to really strike it rich I think we need more money per message.

IDM Hack

Hi Friends, today I’m here with an idea to drack ur IDM…………

Download the IDM, then click on Registration.

  • A dialog box will appear asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.

  • Now Enter you name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:










  • After clicking, it will show error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key and IDM will exit.

  • Now Go to the path C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

  • Open hosts file with notepad.

  • Now copy the below lines of code and paste it to below localhost











  • Save it.

  • Now check IDM, it should be converted to full version.

Note: In Windows 7 sometimes it denied access to write anything on hosts file, so first you must be logged in as Administrator and then change the file permissions of hosts file.

Enjoy it...........


Dial *555# or *777#for daily and monthly sms packs .
Dial *222# for sepcial five offers.
Dial *123*7# or*123*10# for checking gprs data balance.
Dial *325# for facebook font wish service .
Dial *121# for my airtel my offers.
Send FUN To 54321to activate airtel live (not working on new sims now).
Send LIVE to 52567for airtel live setting.
Dial *567# for mobile office activation And deactivation.
Send MRP FULLTT To 51619 for available full talktime offers.
Dial *125*5# for daily sms count.
Dial *123# for balance n validity.
Call 1909 to activate or deactivate DND service .
Dial 121to call CC .
Dial 198p2p1p4p2 for direct call to cc.
Send MRP SMS To 51619 for available sms packs.
Send MRP GPRS to 51619 for available gprs packs.
Dial 123 for recharging ur account
Dial *566# for must buy service.
Dial *515# for twitter service.
Send MRP TRF To 51619 for available tariff offers.
Send 3G to 121 for activating 3gor change 3g data plan.
Send START To 121/1210 to start any service Send STOP To 121/1210 to stop any service .
Dial *141# for airtel gift service .
Dial *123*11# for checking 3gdata balance.
Methods for knowing your number in case you forgot:
3.Just send a blank sms to 59103
4.*400*2*1*1*0# *121*9# to know your number
*121*11# for 3G

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                    ALIENS ARE COMING FOR U|||||||>>>

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